Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today's events

Well so this is my first blog and I hope it finds all of you in great spirits and an amazing time of life. I'll be using this blog to update all of you of what's goin on with me and also my thoughts on different things that are happening in my life and the world at large. So feel free to comment and ask questions too.

Anyway, the past couple days have been pretty great because I got to see Phil Wickham in concert and it was pretty much awesome. I got to see an old friend and realized how amazing it is to be connected to the body of Christ at large, and how just falling in love with Jesus is such an amazing privelage we all share. So yesterday I caught a bus down to Tacoma and saw him live at a church. He has the most unique vioce I have ever heard and is definetly annointed. Worship was just makes you think what it's going to be like to worship with everyone in Heaven in eternity. I look forward to that because worship is definetly one of my favorite things to do.

It was great and then I got to hang out with one of my really good friends from gc at his apartment. It was cool being able to spend time with such a kind person, and made me realize how lucky I am to have the friends I do.

But the real interesting part of my weekend is this- So there's this on campus group called Christain Student Association and they had this welcome dinner on campus. I went with a couple friends from my dorm(both saved and unsaved). There were some cool people there but a lot of the meeting dissapointed me. The group just talked about callin on Jesus and not turning from sin or having biblical convictions.....just "enjoying jesus". Now don't get me wrong, I agree we need to call out his name and fall in love with him.....but there's so much more to it than that and you can't leave stuff like repentance and knowing why you beleive what you believe. It just isn't wise...but the most disappointing thing was the "club" christianity isn't a club, it's a lifestyle that is reaching out to a dying world. We can't sit around and just sing songs and talk, we are in a war for the souls of mankind and we need to be passionately reaching out to others who need Jesus. That's what I live for. I just wish that people could catch how real, and true, and amazing the friendship with Jesus really easy and that everything flows from loving him. It saddens me that many christains are just sleepwalking and not in the fight for souls.

But that's this weekend. It's been pretty fun and I look forward to seeing what god's going to do this week.

Praying for you,
Jordan Kintner